The Truth Behind Lamb Roast

Posted April 25 2023
Like humans, it is widely proven that mother sheep bond immediately with their newborns. They also know the individual odour of their own babies.

Far from mindless followers, sheep are highly social with sophisticated emotional skills that can recognise human and animal faces. Research increasingly suggests that sheep can form images in their brain of absent individuals (such as their babies) when they are not visible, just as humans would think about a friend or family member that they miss.

In Australia alone, often born in the most inhospitable conditions of winter, an estimated 15 million lambs die annually due to exposure and other preventable causes. Adequate shelter can greatly prevent this, but sadly this is not a legal requirement in Australia.

Kinder Alternatives

It’s never been easier to leave lamb off your plate.

Protein can be found in a range of plant based sources – after all, that’s where herbivorous animals like gorillas get their muscles and strength from!

Whole food sources
Add spices and seasoning to these nutritious offerings to pack a healthy protein punch:
• Tofu, tempeh, seitan and TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein)
• Legumes such as beans, lentils and chickpeas
• Quinoa
• Nuts and Seeds

Fake it to make it
Craving the meat taste? Some popular fake meat brands which are easily sourced from supermarkets these days include:
• Fry’s
• Gardein
• Linda McCartney
• Tofurky
• Vegie Delights
• The Alternative Meat Co.
• Beyond Meat
• Impossible Foods
• Sunfed Meats
• Funky Fields
• Unreal Co.
• Veef

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