Raising Vital Funds

A Great Way to Help Animals
Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Edgar’s Mission! We are heartened to learn of caring people like you who wish to help us meet our ever-present need for funds.

Aligning with Our Values

Before reading the fundraising ideas below, we please ask that any activities you are considering are consistent with our values of kindness for all animals. This extends to avoiding activities that cause harm and distress to animals, activities that see animal products as part of the menu, or activities that involve products that have been tested on animals.

We understand that everyone is at a different stage in their journey of life and while we never wish to tell people what to do in keeping with the spirit of the aims of Edgar’s Mission, we cannot support the harming of animals in our name.

Thank you for wanting to support our mission and our life-saving work.


Fundraiser Application

If you would like to host a public fundraiser for Edgar’s Mission, please read our fundraising guidelines below. These guidelines make up the Terms and Conditions associated with fundraising on behalf of Edgar’s Mission.

Then please contact us with the details of your fundraiser including your full name, contact details, and the fundraising event or activity details. Thank you!

Fundraising Ideas

Host Your Own Event

Hosting a fundraising event is a great way to raise money. Get together with your friends, family or work colleagues and host a:

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

It’s easy to set up a fundraiser on your Facebook page to celebrate your birthday, another occasion, or just because!

Fundraisers for Businesses

Get inventive in your workplace for a good cause.

Collect Spare Change

Whether it’s at home or work, you’ll be surprised how quickly change can add up!

Participate in a Challenge

Create your own fundraising page online and ask friends and family to sponsor you for participating in a challenge.

School Fundraisers

Fundraising at school can be fun and educational for students and teachers, while helping animals in the process.

Donate or Sponsor an Animal

Donations over $2 are tax deductible for Australian residents.


Edgar’s Mission Official Approval Process

Any person or organisation fundraising in Victoria is required by law to have an ‘Authority to Fundraise’. Learn more here.

Operations and Support

It is understood that persons or organisations conducting public fundraising activities on behalf of Edgar’s Mission are solely responsible for the conduct of such events.

Legal Requirements

Some obligations of the Fundraiser by legislation are to:

Advertising and Logo Usage

Edgar’s Mission must approve any advertising or promotional material produced for an external fundraising activity, including media releases and websites.

Financial Outcomes

All expenses associated with conducting such fundraising activities are the responsibility of the Fundraiser.


Edgar’s Mission can provide official receipts for approved activities.