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Joining the Dots
Edgar’s Mission offers a free ‘Joining the Dots’ program, taking participants on a thought provoking and non-judgemental journey touching on the key issues of social justice, animal cruelty, sustainability and human health.

About the Program

Joining Pam Ahern, the Founder and Director of Edgar’s Mission, you’ll hear her inspiring journey – from rescuing a tiny piglet, to giving up her successful equestrian career and her secure full time job, to setting up a not-for-profit sanctuary for rescued farmed animals with the view of creating a kinder world for all.

“From the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed at night, everything we do and everything we say tells the world so much about the kind of people we are.  But who are we? Are our ideas and beliefs really our own or are they ones we have inherited from others and never really thought that much about?” Pam Ahern

Taking a look at the complex web of connections that cause people to make the choices they do, individuals are encouraged to develop their own sets of values regarding how they should live.  The program is age appropriate and does not contain any graphic images.

Our activities meet learning objectives in the areas of language, media studies, ethics, biology and animal behaviour.

Our Mission is Kindness

The way in which children are socialised and how they develop societal values is grounded in their interactions with others. In many instances, these interactions come in the form of a child’s first relationship with animals.

For many, the first lessons that allow a child to develop empathy for others stem from their experience with the family pet – is Rover happy? Has he been fed? Does Fluffy like having her tummy rubbed?

Seemingly inconsequential interactions with the defenceless goldfish or the family’s pet bird can go a long way to building up a belief system regarding the treatment of others.

With physical, verbal and cyber bullying all major concerns for today’s younger generation, the perception of differences and lessons regarding how we treat those whose appearance, actions or beliefs differ from our own have never been more valuable.

Teaching the importance of kindness, caring, compassion, responsibility and respect for others has not only practical benefits for the ‘other’, it also goes a long way toward enabling the decision makers of tomorrow to be thoughtful, empowered and fair individuals.

Visit Us, Or We’ll Visit You

Edgar’s Mission, a not-for-profit sanctuary with between 350 and 450 formerly farmed animals at any given time, provides a unique learning environment.

We are located on 153 peaceable acres in Lancefield just one hour north of the Melbourne CBD. If you are visiting us, the minimum group size is 15 students, and maximum group size is 40. If your group is larger than 40, please contact us for a virtual tour instead.

Or if you can’t come out to us, we will come to you if you are based in Victoria! We also offer virtual talks and tours for school groups.

A Free Experience

Please note we do not charge for visits for incursions, however donations are greatly appreciated and will allow us to continue our live saving work. 

Please Note 

Our humane educational programs are targeted to grade 4 and above. At this point in time we do not have the staffing levels to visit kindergartens, preschools or students in levels below grade four. All schools levels, kindergartens and preschools are welcome to visit the sanctuary, however they are reminded that they need to provide adequate supervisors. Bookings are essential.

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Joining The Dots

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