Change for Change

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By adding an Edgar’s Mission collection tin at your workplace, shop, local community group or home, the change you raise will help us to create meaningful change for animals!

If you would like to keep an Edgar’s Mission collection tin in your workplace, business or home, please complete the Collection Box Application and Agreement form below.

Once approved you will be issued an ‘Authority to Fundraise’ and the collection tin will be sent by mail.  Any person or organisation fundraising in Victoria is required by law to have an ‘Authority to Fundraise’.

Terms and Conditions

To meet requirements, the following criteria must be met:

  • Collection Tin/s must be securely fastened to a counter or bench
  • Two people must be present at any opening of the Collection Tin and must jointly count the donations
  • The same two people must jointly sign a reconciliation form confirming the total amount counted
  • The serial number, which is located on the base of the Collection Tin, must be recorded on the reconciliation form

All funds raised on behalf of Edgar’s Mission must fit with the aims and values of Edgar’s Mission. Therefore we require that no funds are raised through:

  •  The use or sale of animals or animal products including meat, eggs, dairy, leather or wool.
  • The use of products that have been tested on animals.  All cosmetics must be accredited by  Choose Cruelty free

All funds collected from the Collection Tin can be forwarded to Edgar’s Mission as an online donation, or as an electronic funds transfer directly into the nominated Edgar’s Mission bank account.

Edgar’s Mission reserves the right to withdraw approval to fundraise at any time, should it be necessary. If this was to occur, fundraising and promotion must cease immediately. The fundraising authorisation and all monies raised must be returned to Edgar’s Mission within 7 days.

Please complete the form below to apply.

Change For Change

Change For Change

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If you have any questions please use the contact us page.

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