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Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit farmed animal sanctuary that seeks to create a humane and just world for all.

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Everybody Hurts

Earlier this month, with the heaviest of hearts we said goodbye to Bubba Pig. Here we pay tribute to a pig who loved his Mumma so much that he decided a life without her, was no life at all.
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Trottings Story


On a recent rehoming I was taken down some dusty tracks; they wound this way and that, and as they did, my mind wandered with them. I was struck by the raw beauty that daily abounds as Louis Armstrong belted out “What a wonderful world” in my head.
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Trottings Story

Walk a Mile in My (Well-Worn) Shoes

“I think you need another pair of shoes,” someone commented as they looked down and saw the cable tie strapped firmly around my left runner. “No, no,” I replied, “It’s got a few more miles in it yet.” And I smiled.
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Trottings Story

We Got Him – The Fourth Sheep!

In a tale worthy of a Hollywood movie, if not our very own spine-tingling novel, comes the rescue of the “fourth sheep”.
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Cradle the Broken Pieces…

With so much pain and hardship already delivered into their young lives, Switzerland and Mozambique have found sanctuary and a fast friendship.
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Never Mind How History Will Judge Us…

The often-invoked cautionary phrase reminding us to temper our actions begins, “History will judge us…” But should the better metric of how we behave today not to be judged by the way future generations will look back upon us, but by how the recipients of our actions today are impacted by them?
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What They’re Saying

I have been to Edgar’s Mission on tours over the years and now volunteer there. Not only are the tours educational, the sanctuary is a ‘feel good’ place with beautiful animals and people.

Ellaine Di Battista

A beautiful sanctuary for rescued animals. The staff and volunteers are fantastic. Definitely recommend a visit!

Alina Pung

A beautiful place to visit. We were inspired by the kindness we witnessed here. Thank you for the work that you do, and for making us feel so welcome.

Natalie Whittle

I have always dreamed a place like this where farm animals can live a wonderful life forgetting any cruelty! I visited Edgar’s Mission last week and this experience has changed my life forever. Awareness is the key to change the world!

Carla Trigilia

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