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Advocating for the Animals
Our advocacy campaigns seek to inspire compassion, understanding and respect for all animals and promote responsible and humane treatment towards animals in our community.

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Updated May 24 2023
Build Their Barn

After 20 years of operation, Edgar’s Mission needs a new barn to help us continue to give rescued farmed animals the high quality care they so richly deserve. Please help us raise $200,000 to kickstart our new barn project by donating today.

Updated April 26 2023
All Mother’s Day

Mothers come in all shapes, sizes and species, yet when it comes to their babies, we love them just the same. Please pledge to be kind to all mums this Mother’s Day.

Updated February 20 2023
Trek for Kindness

Embark on a Sumatran Jungle adventure with Edgar’s Mission to raise funds for farmed animals in need.

Updated February 19 2023
Chicks are cool, keep them out of school!

Chicken hatching projects, a fun and benign learning experience? Think again.

Updated January 6 2023
Change for Change

By adding an Edgar’s Mission collection tin at your workplace, shop, or local community group, the change you raise will help us to create meaningful change for animals!

Updated January 6 2023
Be Kind to Animals Week

All animals need and deserve kindness, regardless of how they look… and it all begins with you! Take our fun pledge and get a free Kindness Kit, inspiring tips and recipes, plus go in the draw to win a hamper.

Updated November 16 2022
Give So They Can Live

GivingTuesday is a global movement of kindness. This November 29 2023 we will again be asking you to please get behind our mission if you can.

Updated November 1 2022
Kind Christmas 2022

Each year we urge the public to have a kind Christmas. Kind Christmas will be back late 2023. Bigger, better and kinder!