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6 Best Buddies to choose from

Leon Trotsky

The injured wee piglet who found kindness and rolled into the hearts of many.

Leon! Good choice
Vet Nurse


The failed working dog who found her true calling as vet nurse and tour guide.

Ruby! Good choice


The cheeky little lost kid who hitch-hiked his way to Edgar’s Mission.

Boots! Good choice
Clarabelle and Valentine

Clarabelle & Valentine

The former dairy cow and the precious baby she finally got to keep.

Clarabelle & Valentine! Good choice
Tim Tam

Tim Tam

The tiny goat who needed some rad wheels to get him back on his hooves.

Tim Tam! Good choice
Ray Ray

Ray Ray

The courageous lamb who was born without eyes but makes up for it in spirit.

Ray Ray! Good choice
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