The Magic of Kindness

Giving Tuesday 2023
Edgar’s Mission needs your support this Giving Tuesday, 28 November, to give rescued animals like Kansas a life truly worth living. Please help us raise $221,000 to cover our annual food and bedding costs.

Donate any amount below, or choose a donation perk further down to be featured on our 2023 plaque. Australian donations over $2 are tax deductible.
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Goal $221,000
The Magic of Kindness
By Edgar’s Mission

Do You Believe in Magic?

If you are reading this now, chances are you do. The magic of kindness that is! For over 20 years at Edgar’s Mission, that is exactly what we have weaved. And although we do not have a magic wand to make this happen, we have you!

Meet Kansas

When dear little Kansas burst into our lives, covered in mud, with her tail partially chewed off and unable to walk, we held firm in the belief that one day she would.

Raced to sanctuary, we immediately began to weave the magic of kindness for Kansas. And although there were many signs that she may not make it, she refused to give in and so did we. 

With the aid of a little wheelchair Kansas grew stronger each day, and eventually her first wobbly steps turned into a joyous run! 

And through sharing her story, she gently encouraged others to do so as well. To become stronger and more determined advocates for a kinder world for animals everywhere.

This Giving Tuesday, November 28, we are calling upon you, if you can, to help more animals like Kansas have a life truly worth living.

Donation Perks

Sponsor a donation perk below and your name will be featured on our Magic of Kindness 2023 Giving Tuesday plaque at the sanctuary.

Winner Winner, Give a Chicken Dinner

Donation Perk

$250 to feed our feathered friends. From watermelon and lettuce to seeds and sweetcorn, your support will keep our Chicken Village residents well fed!

Your name will be featured on our 2023 Giving Tuesday plaque.

Just Kidding

Donation Perk

$500 to feed our cheeky goats. Your kind donation will help keep our goats and kids hopping with joy including nutritious hay and sneaky treats.

Your name will be featured on our 2023 Giving Tuesday plaque.

The Big Cow-huna

Donation Perk

$1,000 to feed our beautiful bovines. Our beloved cow residents will be over the moo-n with tasty hay and Weetbix treats thanks to you!

Your name will be featured on our 2023 Giving Tuesday plaque.

Devoted to Ewe

Donation Perk

$2,500 to feed our wooly wonders. Our crew of baa-ewe-tiful rescued sheep require a balanced diet through all stages of their long and happy lives with us.

Your name will be featured on our 2023 Giving Tuesday plaque.

Pig Out

Donation Perk

$5,000 to feed our perfect porcines. No one loves food, glorious food more than our 49 piggy pals, from their special morning mash to their afternoon fruit and veg feast.

Your name will be featured on our 2023 Giving Tuesday plaque.

Giving Animals a Voice

In a country that has over 74 million sheep, why do we celebrate the survival of one?

The answer is simple: Every. Single. Life. Matters.

Through the picture-perfect storytelling powers of each individual we amplify their voice, speak to people’s hearts and remind them of the restorative and transformational changes that occur through the magic of kindness.

It is a magic whose gossamer wings reach way beyond what is thought possible.

In the past year, our animal stories have touched a staggering 455 million people on social media.

And it is through this that we give a voice to the millions upon millions of animals who will never know kindness.

With every story told, like that of brave Kansas, hearts and minds across the globe are being transformed through the magic of kindness while we inch ever closer towards a kinder world for animals.

Thank Ewe!

Thank you for being part of our journey, cheering on Kansas, and believing in the magic of second chances. Here’s to many more tales of resilience and hope!

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PS. Be sure to tune into our Facebook page on Giving Tuesday as we take you live behind the scenes to see all the ways your kind donations “give so they can live” lives truly worth living.

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