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Vet Nurse Ruby
6th July 2009
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Ruby’s story

Meet Vet Nurse Ruby

Updated July 6, 2009

The inspirational story of how a working dog who was beaten for not working has become an ambassador for kindness.

My previous human paid a lot of money for me as a pup, so his expectations were very high. You see some people believe that you can put a value on us animals, thankfully the good folk at Edgar’s Mission do not. Somehow, I couldn’t understand what exactly was wanted of me and my then owner got very mad with me. He said I was a bad dog and he beat me trying to get me to understand. I thought that very strange as it only confused me even more.

Deep down I have always wanted to have fun, I never wanted to herd the sheep and spoil their fun either. They all looked like they enjoyed hanging out together and didn’t want a dog hassling them. But the human didn’t agree, he would rant and rave at me until he said he had had enough and took me to his mate’s place to shoot me. I got very scared and wet myself, I did this a lot whenever people raised their voices or even their hands I would fear the worst and would cower in fright.

I knew the man with the gun had a good heart, I am sure all you humans do, it’s just that some hearts sleep more than others. I knew if I could awaken his sleeping heart he might just spare mine. When he got his gun, I jumped up on him. I know I am not meant to but I just wanted to take one last look into his eyes and maybe, just maybe I could see into his heart. A tear filled his eye as he said ‘down dog, down’. He walked away and made a phone call.

The rest is the start of my life at Edgar’s Mission. They opened their gate to me and their hearts. I am so glad they did, but I wondered how I could repay their kindness? Then I had an idea, I would make it my official duty to personally greet every visitor, both human and non-human to Edgar’s Mission and ensure that there is never any doubt that they too feel the gentle touch (or in my case lick) of kindness.

And who knows, I may even wake up a few more hearts along the way!