Something to Hide

Posted April 24 2023
During her time on a dairy farm, each of Clarabelle’s babies had been taken from her shortly after birth so that her milk could be taken for human consumption.

At the age of eight, when her milk production had waned and she was deemed no longer productive, Clarabelle was slated for slaughter. This is the usual fate of dairy cows, despite their longevity being around 20 years.

To make matters more tragic, Clarabelle was carrying another baby. But then kindness found her and brought her to safety at Edgar’s Mission.

One day her behaviour told us that something was amiss, although her baby was not expected for another week.

Further investigation revealed that her precious little calf had indeed been born, and Clarabelle had carefully hidden her baby in the tall grassy stand of the paddock.

She was determined this one would be ‘hers’.

Clarabelle’s baby was discovered on Valentine’s Day, and was aptly named Valentine in honour of the love between mother cows and their babies. Years on, Clarabelle can still be seen grooming her sweet daughter, and their bond is stronger than ever.

Kinder Dairy Alternatives

Thankfully, there is an abundance of milk and cheese alternatives to choose from these days which can be found in your local supermarket – or you can even try making your own!

• Soy Milk
• Rice Milk
• Oat Milk
• Coconut Milk
• Almond Milk
• Cashew Milk
• YAY! Feta
• Bio Cheese
For more ideas and support, check out the Vegan Easy Challenge or VegKit

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