The Truth Behind Dairy

Posted April 25 2023
Like many, we grew up with the romantic notion that dairy products were wholesome and good, and indeed they are if you are a baby calf.

Cows do not simply produce milk; they are mammals and will only produce milk for their babies. Once born, the dairy industry dictates the babies are soon taken away from their mothers and the milk intended for the babies is taken for human consumption.

The males, who will never produce milk, are considered waste products and are killed, many in the first week of their life.

Females may enter into the dairy cycle, and small or non-commercial heifers meet the same fate as the males.

Cows have an ancient knowing, a wisdom beyond their form. Animal behaviourist Dr Temple Grandin has said that the fear memories of cattle can never be deleted.

The kindly dairy farm worker (from where Clarabelle came) shared that the cows remembered which vehicle came and took their baby away shortly after birth. Other passing vehicles would get no reaction, until the one vehicle that took their baby would return.

The cows would become nervous, anxious and edgy, looking for the babies they would never see again.

If you love dairy products and don’t believe you can find an alternative, please remember this – mother cows love their babies many times more.

Kinder Dairy Alternatives

Thankfully, there is an abundance of milk and cheese alternatives to choose from these days which can be found in your local supermarket – or you can even try making your own!

• Soy Milk
• Rice Milk
• Oat Milk
• Coconut Milk
• Almond Milk
• Cashew Milk
• YAY! Feta
• Bio Cheese
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