A Mother’s Christmas Miracle

Posted April 24 2023
As the festive season sped towards its climax, a pregnant sow gave birth to seven little piglets. Sadly, only three would survive.

The cold, wet and wind-swept concrete of the pound yard made it a barren place, a place that provided no material for Carol to build the extravagant nest her every being was telling to build. Expectant mother pigs go to great and creative lengths, collecting sticks, twigs and branches to fashion a nest to safely birth their babies in.

Despite her fear, Carol remained gentle as she followed the crate of her surviving babies into the vehicle that would take them to their forever home, and the soft golden straw-filled barn that awaited.

We will never forget her sweet songs of joy as she was reunited with her piglets.

We could not help but wonder, looking into her intelligent eyes, what made her determine her escape from the farm in which she had been held? Perhaps it was the thought of her babies being taken away from her as all her previous ones had; perhaps she dreamed something better lay ahead.

What we do know is that Carol, Cookie, Candy and Kris Kringle found sanctuary at Edgar’s Mission together, just in time for Christmas.

Kinder Alternatives

It’s never been easier to leave pigs off your plate!

Protein can be found in a range of plant based sources – after all, that’s where herbivorous animals like gorillas get their muscles and strength from!

Whole food sources

Add spices and seasoning to these nutritious offerings to pack a healthy protein punch:
• Tofu, tempeh, seitan and TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein)
• Legumes such as beans, lentils and chickpeas
• Quinoa
• Nuts and Seeds

Fake it to make it

Craving the meat taste? Some popular fake meat brands which are easily sourced from supermarkets these days include:
• Fry’s
• Gardein
• Linda McCartney
• Tofurky
• Vegie Delights
• The Alternative Meat Co.
• Beyond Meat
• Impossible Foods
• Sunfed Meats
• Funky Fields
• Unreal Co.
• Veef

For more ideas and support, check out the Vegan Easy Challenge or VegKit.


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