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William Shakespeare
27th February 2023
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William Shakespeare’s story

Struck, the William Shakespeare Story

Updated April 3, 2023

Dictionary.com tells us that the word struck is:
1 – verb the simple past tense and a past participle of strike
2 – adjective (of a factory, industry, etc.) closed or otherwise affected by a strike of workers
3 – overcome, obsessed, or deeply affected by a specified person, feeling, or thing (used in combination)

Struck by a vehicle which almost claimed his life, the young and injured pig was struck again. But this time it was by the thing, the one and only thing, that could save him – human kindness.

Struck by dear William’s friendly and affable nature, despite the many reasons he had for being otherwise, it was not his life that would be taken that day but a route that would land him at sanctuary.

Assessing his limping gait and bodily wounds, it was clear sweet William Shakespeare was in substantial pain as his hip joint was no longer sitting where all porcine hip joints should. Rushed to emergency surgery, a marathon procedure of some seven-plus hours returned that joint to its rightful place.

And now, as our jovial and chatty friend rests up in mandated confinement for his recuperation period, it is mixture of toys and telly (although we feel William is getting a tad weary of reruns of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth series), and kindness and care that will see this now-much-loved pig strike another go at life.

And this time, one truly worth living.

One thing we have noticed, as more and more people have come to know William and all of his kind, is that they too are struck.

Struck by the congeniality of pigs, which is far from the aggression with which they have been wrongly portrayed. Struck by their amiable natures, which belies the derogatory “pigheaded” dogma that has heralded many people’s association with them. And struck by their clean, oh-so-clean, toiletry habits – if only all species, including ours, could adopt this trait.

And whilst William rubs his shoulders against our leg in the traditional porcine greeting, (haven’t had this happen to you yet? If not, you will most certainly be in for a treat when you do – although just make sure they haven’t been in their wallow first), all of the above rubs up against our heart. Eliciting the irrevocable conclusion that thinking of these animals as anything other than fully worthy of our compassion and kindness must be struck from one’s mind.