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March 17th 2024
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Miranda’s story

The Parts of Us

Updated April 24, 2024

Within each of us are parts we may not know we have. Wisdom we never knew existed, courage awaiting to be tapped, resilience that can survive an avalanche and a gentleness that makes us soft and vulnerable beyond the measure of our façade. 

Yet if circumstances prevail and we dig deep enough, we can find these glowing treasures. Over and over, we are witnessing this in non-human animals too.

For how long dear Miranda had tenaciously clung onto life, we do not know. With pain coursing through her body, emanating from a fractured hind leg, and thirst an all-too-familiar foe, she had somehow adapted to that way of life. But time was running out for how long she could continue doing so.

Serendipitously found roadside, the abandoned older lamb was to soon find sanctuary. Wisdom to know we meant her no harm, courage to brave the surgery that was to amputate her shattered broken limb (an irreparable old break, it was determined), resilience to master the art of walking on three limbs, all nestled in the vulnerability of her being. 

Miranda showed all of these.

Miranda, dearest Miranda, we could not love you any more if we tried. That you have had the ability to change your perception of the world most definitely has changed our lives. You have emerged from a frightened little waif to a curious and clever little lamb. And in doing so, you command of our species to change our perception of yours. For the very parts that fire you are the very ones that fire us – then who can we harm