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Manfred’s story

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a goat?

Updated April 24, 2024

No, it’s Manfred Lamb! And he recently touched down into our hearts. Heralding the start of lambing season this year, dear Manfred is the first of our 2024 arrivals.

A sweet little Damara lamb with the softest of fur and gentlest of natures. With his long flowing ears, unusual colouring, and haired body, rather than fleeced, his kind are often mistaken for baby goats. But make no mistake, whether lamb or kid, all are deserving of our compassion and kindness.

Every year, countless orphan lambs and baby kid goats find their way to sanctuaries across our wide, brown land. We are thankful for the many hearts and loving homes that offer them forever sanctuary as well.

And of little Manfred, we can say it truly was love at first nibble of our chin. Whether nestling into one of his caregiver’s arms (we have nicknamed him Manfred-many-mums for that reason) or gambolling about with wanton abandon, he never ceases to brighten our day.

And what a wonderful legacy that is.

Imagine if each and every one of us could emulate that and leave those we meet better for our being. It would not matter then if we were a bird, a plane, a goat or an awesome lamb named Manfred; what would matter most is how we make others feel.

Thank you, dear Manfred, for every other day that little bit brighter. We trust you shall soar on to a wonderful life!