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Trapper John
Trapper John
14th August 2023
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Trapper John’s story

Everybody’s Talking About the New Kid in Town

Updated August 29, 2023

At just one day old, teeny tiny Trapper John was diminutive in size yet formidable in impact, and everybody was talking about him.

From his tough beginnings not far from an army military base – where his dear mumma was spooked, leaving him and his little sibling orphans – to the tiny newborn babes being rushed to sanctuary, clasped firm to the chests and hearts of their rescuers, for all who have met this tough little guy, he is the topic of conversation.

Alas, Trapper John’s wee brother, Hawkeye, could not surmount his initial setback and passed away not long after arriving into care. But not before his little hoofprints had pitter-pattered their way across our hearts.

A place he shall always remain.

In a world that is not always kind to animals, Trapper John’s tale reminds us that it can be

And whilst little Trapper John has nestled in there as well, he too has nestled into many-a-lap of our team. Whether nibbling on chins, resting his snoozy head on arms, or tap dancing across the floor (we swear this is one little kid who loves the sound of his own feet!) Trapper John brings all of our hearts to his.

In a world that is not always kind to animals, Trapper John’s tale reminds us that it can be. For in meeting animals on their terms and their struggles, seeing them as sentient beings beyond the societal blinders that would have us do otherwise, we learn so much about them; we learn who they are and how they would prefer to live.

And, too, we learn so much about ourselves and our ability to be kind.

So, in this day and age of so much doom and gloom, these are the stories we should be talking out, for these indeed are the ones that have the ability to make the world a kinder place for all.

Let’s start the conversation now!

Need some inspiration? Please see the images of the plucky Trapper John below to get you started!