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Roma & Rome
13th July 2023
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The World Can Be a Scary Place …

Updated August 3, 2023

If you are a farmed animal species, the world can be a scary place. And when you add into the mix a first-time mum, things can become a little daunting. Sometimes too daunting.

That is just what happened to dear Roma after giving birth to her adorable little babe, who, without a shadow of a doubt, Roma loved beyond all else. But although her love and instincts told her just what to do, it appeared her firstborn son, Rome, had not read his memo.

His listlessness more than alarmed her. His lack of will to stand only heightened this. She lovingly licked every inch of his body clean of amniotic fluid in an attempt to infuse vibrant life into the wee lad – each lick becoming more determined than the last. But it was clear little Rome was not responding as he should.

And as Roma became more confused as just what to do, thankfully her humans did not, for she was soon under the watchful eye of Edgar’s Mission. Leaning on years of care and love for first-time mums such as she, it was not long before little Rome had risen to the challenge of the life that lay ahead of him.

One that will see him never too far from his dear mumma’s sight, side or scents; one where he will always be seen as a someone and not a something; and one where happiness, joy and self-autonomy will be his. Because we know all too well that, regardless of form or favour, when love and tender kindness don’t live there, your world can be a scary place.