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Miss Direction
26 May 2021
12 June 2021
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Miss Direction’s story

You’re going the wrong way…

Updated June 4, 2021

An adventerous spirit, and perhaps a traveler at heart, can this little lamb navigate her way back to safety before too late?

“Hey, wait little lambie, you are going the wrong way”, we gently called out to Miss Direction, one of two recently arrived day-old orphans. Heading out of the heated nursery the rambunctious little Miss Direction strode, determined that heading out into the freezing weather was a good idea. The lure of a warm bottle of formula gently waved under her nose was enough to convince her otherwise. With the bottle of formula delivered right where it needed to be, Miss Direction was quickly back on track and in our heated nursery.

That the circumstance of many a lamb each year places their birth in frigid weather, and thus their lives in jeopardy, speaks loudly to a coldness that not only has the capacity to freeze their bodies but so too the human heart. And although Miss Direction’s losing her way was but a momentary lack of clarity, that of our species is one that our forefathers took some time ago and in whose footsteps and habits we have unquestioningly followed.

And whilst navigating our path back to where we need to be is going to take more than a bottle of sweet-tasting formula, perhaps our guidance can come from the innocence and vulnerability of sweet babes such as Miss Direction. For with a greater understanding of who and why they are can come a greater understanding of who and why we need to be.

As beings of great power, it too should come to pass that we should be beings of great compassion.

Living and loving in our daily lives with a new-found respect for those with whom we share the planet, recognising the commonality we have – hearts, minds, limbic systems and more – all speak to our shared ability to experience the world “feelingly” – yet each with their own species-specific spin. For in doing so, we can become the healers and the helpers we were always meant to be, hearts no longer frozen and minds no longer going the wrong way.