Edgar’s Mission Passport
2nd July 2023
24.5 kilos
Freshly shorn and fab!
Certified true likeness
Methuselah’s story

Never Too Old for Kindness

Updated August 3, 2023

She is almost as old as the hills she could not see, but one look at this dear lady told us she was never too old for kindness.

It was late yesterday afternoon when we took the call about a sheep whose plight could only be classed as critically urgent. Alone in a large paddock he was seen to incessantly circle, with her wool overgrown and her time on this earth quickly fading.

Racing to beat the latter as well as sunset, it took no time to decipher our new friend from the many lichen-covered rocks in the area she could readily be mistaken for – they did not move, but she did!

Moving stoically across the paddock and into our hearts, it was her mouth, with its three sentinel-like and stubby teeth, that gave Methuselah her name. Burdened down by many years of unshorn wool – that was even growing grass – we could only imagine how terrifying life had been for this prey animal.

But that time is now behind her, as soon will be that fleece, so Methuselah can look forward to an entire new world of kindness, because as the saying goes: one is never too old for kindness.