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Katie & Kayla
Katie & Kayla
21 Jan 2024
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Katie & Kayla’s story


Updated February 16, 2024

Dust bathing for the first time in her 73-week life is Katie. Her “sister”, Kayla, eagerly watching on as her blind friend kicks dirt every which way.

One team member, whose smile was as broad as the wingspan of Katie’s delight, remarked, “That’s one mess I don’t mind cleaning up.”

As more dust and dirt were sent flying wildly through the air, Kayla leaned in even closer; reading her thoughts, we heard, “Although I have never seen this before, its smell and feel, my dreams know so well.”

Katie and Kayla, for those confused by their almost featherless appearance, are two of the sweetest Leghorn Hens one could ever have the good fortune to meet. They are birds selectively bred for exponential egg production. They lived in a rarefied and barren world that gave their lives no meaning but gave the humans into whose servitude they were bred great profits.

Although Katie and Kayla had never felt dirt or kindness before, when they did, they knew exactly what to do

Seeing the two sweet birds coming “out of their shells” over the time they have been in our care provides a rare glimpse into not only who they are as individuals, but just what our society attempts to reduce animals to in order to serve human ends.

And although Katie cannot see, she has readily navigated her way to her little log, our arm and our hearts.

Something which everyone should witness, because if they did, they would see that, although Katie and Kayla had never felt dirt or kindness before, when they did, they knew exactly what to do.

So often, animal industries tout that animals cannot miss what they have never had; however, watching Katie and Kayla relish in both, it is clear that such a statement is bulldust!

Footnote – as Katie and Kayla’s bodies begin to heal, and exercise, fresh air, sunshine and, yes, dirt and dust become more well known to them, their feathers will grow back as they find their way in a world as beautiful and rich as they are.