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10th March 2023
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Karishma’s story

Some Bonds Can Never Be Broken

Updated May 3, 2023

Little did we know that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ short stay with us was to be anything but. An aged dairy cow at the end of her useful life, and having prolapsed after her last calving, a lifeline had been thrown to dear Lucy.

It came after our search to find a friendly cow for a lone one landed upon her. And as the obliging Lucy was loaded aboard our stock crate to be ferried to her new home, we heard the words that were to see her fate change once again, “Oh, and she may be pregnant.” With her destination and new carers unable to accommodate such a circumstance, Lucy touched down at sanctuary.

Lucy’s stay was thus extended to determine whether she was pregnant, and veterinary medication and examinations determined she was not.

And so she was once again set to head off to her forever home.

But Lucy had other plans.

With a tractor summoned to help her bulky form to stand, and all hands on deck, our incredible team swung into action

Whilst in the holding pen prior to being loaded up once again, the gentle Lucy lay down under a shady tree and took a snooze. It was then we noticed the slightest of prolapses which, whilst temporarily stopping our hearts, forever halted any plans of moving dear Lucy on.

“I guess we can add another cow to our herd,” we mused. “She is, after all, not pregnant.”
However, today confirmed otherwise.

With morning rounds revealing dear Lucy’s hidden secret, staff were summoned to the field in which she had birthed. But it was not the joyous scene we had hoped to find. A downed cow is never good, especially not one who has prolapsed.

Lucy’s wide-eyed gaze, and pitiful moo, was not needed to tell us we needed to act and act fast – for we already had – but it did confirm the situation was critical.

With a tractor summoned to help her bulky form to stand, and all hands on deck, our incredible team swung into action, even taking on the veterinary role of dealing skilfully and gently with Lucy’s prolapse and administering the required medications to ease her anxiety.
One, two, three, heave – and Lucy was righted, but how our hearts raced as her legs did not. Seeming to have forgotten their charter, they hung as limp as our hopes were for a good outcome. Yet, undeterred, we refused to let Lucy know of this.

Perhaps it was our collective will for life to fill those legs, or Lucy’s sighting her precious baby boy, we shall never know. But she stood for moment, collected her thoughts and that little bit more love from us all (it is truly amazing how one finds more to give even when they think they have given it all), and step by more confident step Lucy moved off.

Are you crying now?

We certainly were as we marvelled at the miracle that was playing out before us.

A miracle of nature that proves some bonds can never be broken. Dear Lucy doesn’t ever have to look to the sky for diamonds, for she has the most precious treasure a mother could ever have, right before her: her baby.

The one she finally got to keep, and the one no one and no thing was going to stop her from having.

Lucy’s baby has been named Karishma. A very old Indian and Sanskrit name meaning miracle.