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Honolulu, Heathrow & Hondruras
Honolulu, Heathrow, Hondruras
22nd July 2023
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Honolulu, Heathrow & Hondruras’s story

Their Little Faces

Updated August 3, 2023

With faces to melt both your heart and any desire you might have for their flesh, come Honolulu, and the cheeky twins, Heathrow and Honduras.

Rescued from a place where kindness rarely shines, but luckily for them it was an occasion that it did. Perhaps drawn there by their innocent little faces. Honolulu was just over a day old upon arrival and took no time to tell us she was the “Lara Croft” to the trio, as her intrepid adventures were to take her to every corner of the barn.

Launching from hay bales, scampering from invisible villains, and doing the highest fly-kick with those fluffy back legs of hers. We swear she could do a triple-pike summersault with a twist if it was her wont!

While the diminutive newborn twins, Heathrow and Honduras, are as different as night and day. Heathrow, who is endearingly on the goofy side, is happy to wait patiently while his carers juggle their bottles in preparation for group feeding.

Strategically placing them between hands or knees, all is set to go.

And go swimmingly well it does, until the mischievous Honduras decides to plough headlong through her buddies, knocking one and all from their teat. Then, amongst the confusion and mayhem that ensues, she “Goldilocks” her way across all of the bottles!

But any hint of annoyance about this is quickly eroded by one look at their milk-covered little faces, as the words, “Oh no, Honduras, you’ve done it again” spill from our smiling lips.

With some degree of calm established, feeding time is completed, and playtime swiftly begins. Lambs vibrantly gambolling this way and that; they could well be mistaken for small children for the gleeful and wanton abandon with which they undertake the task. And it is hard to garner who gains more joy from this: the little lambs or the humans who have the good fortune to watch on.

And yet again we ponder just how it is in our “advanced” world that lambs such as they are, to some, considered lovable and worthy of our affections and protection – but to others, lamb chops are delicious.

Perhaps if the latter could find the courage to gaze, however uncomfortable that may make them feel, a little longer and deeper into those little faces