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2 May 2021
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Hobo’s story

The (littlest) Hobo…

Updated June 7, 2021

Lost down a wombat hole and eventually into a snuggly bed, it took a team effort to get little Hobo to where he is today!

We’re not quite sure what little Hobo had in mind that fateful day as he darted down that wombat hole. Separated as he was from his family of wily rangeland goats and the comfort they provided, he was most certainly not going to find either down that lair. The worst-case scenario being an encounter with the sharp claws and savage grunts of a grumpy wombat, none too pleased with the meanderings of the tiny intruder. Yet anything in between was never going to be good for he.

However, before the intrepid young Hobo could find anything, kindness found him in the form of two kindly strangers who –

On hands and knees, dug deep into the burrow and extracted the terrified little fellow.

Although Hobo’s time with these kind hearts was to be but a whistle stop in his life, his hoof print on their heart has been indelible – a theme that has come to pass with all he so cheerfully greets.

It is indeed through Hobo’s jovial, sweet and endearing nature, coupled with his penchant for pressing his little head into your hand (which rapidly ripples up your arm and into your heart) that he has made many new friends of all shapes and species at Edgar’s Mission.  None the least the Lady in the Hat.

Regularly is the sight of little Hobo proudly trotting off to retire for the evening at the heels of said Lady. And such is his want for comfort and a kindly touch that he waits until just the right amount of snooze has overtaken his human friend that he gently glides up and onto the bed and snuggles right in. Reminding us that babes of all species yearn for a comforting touch and warm place to sleep.

And as little Hobo proves, it is sometimes the littlest things in life that take up the biggest piece of real estate in your heart (and your bed).