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Gundagai & Milan
Gundagai & Milan
15th July 2023
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Gundagai & Milan’s story

On the Road to Gundagai

Updated August 3, 2023

Although worlds apart in their personalities, newborn lambs Gundagai and Milan were united in circumstance.

Whether separated from their dear mummas through death or misadventure on that frosty and bitterly cold morn, they were at the mercy of the merciless elements, and human kindness. Luckily for them, it was human kindness that claimed them first. And in doing so set these sweet little merino lambs on the path to a kinder future.

Only moments into our care late last night, they began voicing just who they were. Although it was little Milan’s lack of voice that told of his shy and reserved nature. Gundagai, on the hand (or rather hoof), was adventurous and brave. Yet both took no time to guzzle down a bottle of warm and nutritious milk.

Tucking them both, snuggly warm, into their bed, it was then our turn to do so for ourselves. A wry smile on our face as we did, knowing the world was made a kinder place today by the goodness of the human heart. For whether from Gundagai or Milan, we took great comfort knowing that another fair soul had recognised that, regardless of form, all animals want, need and deserve our kindness.

Sleep well, little ones: an entire new world awaits your curiosity and joy.