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1st August 2022
I was born without eyes
Seeing the world feelingly
Too many to name!
Certified true likeness
Domino’s story

The Domino effect and the power of small acts of kindness…

Updated August 1, 2022

Born without eyes, Domino sees the world clearly and feels it deeply. And in doing so she encourages us to do likewise.

Meet little Domino, a sweet speckly lambie whose story will touch you like no other.
A first blush she would seem just like any other adorable lamb. But a noticeable head tilt, as her nose angles towards the sky, her ears moving like little tentacles feeling the vibrations in the air, hints that her vision is made possible not through her eyes but her heightened other senses.
And it is true.
Born with a rare congenital condition known as anophthalmia, the condition though, is not unknown to us, as our beautiful now four-year-old Ray Ray also has no eyes – two slightly sunken sockets with a horizontal slit, the only vestige of their consideration.
Just like the endearing Ray Ray, Domino sees the world clearly and feels it deeply. And in doing so she encourages us to do likewise.
Her courageous and trusting spirit guides her to step out into the world and not hide from it.
To take a chance and see where it lands her, and to learn from her error when she falls short – all have a domino effect on us.
Encouraging us to take a challenge, to be brave and move beyond our fear, to learn to accept that life can go well for us or it cannot. What matters most is how we respond to it.
And when it comes to stoic yet innocent and vulnerable beings like Domino, we cannot help but be fuelled by the “helpers high” that comes from assisting her to live her best life. For such acts of kindness permeate the best versions of ourselves and are eked out the world over each day, when people do good enriching the lives of others (human and non-human) as well as the planet.
As research has shown, such acts kindness do not happen in a vacuum, for their effects ripple far beyond the recipient of the benevolence. This brings into play the domino effect, for those who witness such acts themselves are more likely to extend kindness to others, or even join forces with the instigator to increase the effect of the original act. Such is the multiplier effect.
Whilst it may have seemed but a small act of kindness that Domino was seen in that first instance as an individual in need of a hand, it was one that has surely saved her life. For had she been left struggling as she was, the chances of a good life for her were but slim.
That her plight was not ignored, and that kindness found her, speaks to the better angels of our species.
That it is inherently ingrained into our being a sense of duty to love and to care.
Whilst it is easy to lose heart with so much suffering, animal cruelty and indifference in the world today, we need to look at the many layers of “blindness” that have enabled that to happen. And trust in the only antidote for this: the domino effect of our kindness to permeate this steely veneer. For when it does it sets off a cascade of goodwill that encourages one and all to open their hearts and expand their vision to a kinder way of living that enables every being to live their best life of all.
So let our call to action be this: to see in the lives of others so much of ourselves – the need for food and water, the need for safety and shelter, the need for a family, friends and a place to belong, the need for a life of meaning and of purpose, the need to be valued and to give value in the lives of others, and to be the reason for someone to smile.
For when you do, that small act of kindness shall ripple across the world.

Please try it, and you shall see.