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Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear
23rd August 2022
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To infinity and beyond!
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Buzz’s story

To infinity and beyond – meet Buzz Lightyear

Updated August 23, 2022

It took a village to bring the premature space cadet to safety – but oh boy was it worth it.

All too eager to enter the world was the premature little Buzz Lightyear.
Crash landing that frosty morn, his temperature plummeted and soon it would not only be the earth that was frozen. But then a warm heart came upon his plight, setting off a chain reaction of kindness that would cascade, it would seem, to infinity and beyond.
Landing the wee bub, with his still-closed eyes and not fully functioning lungs, at the local vet clinic. Fortuitously locuming at this clinic was a compassionate vet from the western district who was all too familiar with the work of not-for-profit farmed animal sanctuaries.
With Buzz Lightyear’s immediate needs tended to, the call was made to Victorian Lamb Rescue Inc., the sanctuary this kind heart worked closely with. Although several hundred kilometres away, the good folk there contacted Lamb Care Australia, who were able to enlist the help of the closest sanctuary to hand, Shear Existence Sanctuary. And that is where the little chap bunked down for his first night on planet earth.
With his needs still very acute, it was from there the kind-hearted volunteer, Ruth Parramore, was to ferry the precious and precariously hanging onto life Buzz to Edgar’s Mission.
With the words, “He’s so teeny tiny,” quickly following his arrival, Buzz Lightyear soon began taking in the cosmos of our kindness.
With his temperature made stable, but his ability to stand not so, it was to be several nights in, and of, intensive care for him.
But what a little trooper he has proved to be, as he has dispelled our initial thoughts for the gravity of his lot as he bounds around, with almost zero effort, in his fancy new space suit (please don’t tell him it is just a cool pet jacket).
His fellow space cadets flanking his sides, he is completely oblivious to his once dire circumstance and the joint ill that still plagues him.
With the clang of baby bottles now the soundtrack of our daily lives, ours have indeed become in sync with the needs of these precious little lambs.
And in doing so we are grounded in the belief that the best of our humanity comes to the fore when the vulnerable and the meek are caught in the sweep of our everyday kind actions.
So, as you can see, it has taken a village for Buzz Lightyear to find his safe haven, as likewise it has for hundreds of other little lambs who too have found kindness at one of the many farmed animal sanctuaries throughout our fine country.
They have been rescued from the black holes of our wanting and discriminatory animal protection laws, which alas every year claim all too many lives. All of which lays bare that celestial places exist not only in the outer limits of the universe, but within the hearts of all us earthly beings.
And as Buzz Lightyear gently nudges our arm, he too informs us that our kindness should never stop at our species or our front gates. That it is the greatest lifeline we can undeniably ever mercifully cast and one that should extend to infinity and beyond.