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18th July 2023
A kinder world
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Berlin’s story

Berlin – When the Walls Come Down

Updated August 31, 2023

There was no doubt that Berlin’s world was crumbling the day he and his three buddies were surrendered into our care.

His hunched back, and sunken sides that matched the state of his sunken heart, along with the pus-filled lump that sat on the inside of his right hock – the legacy of the ongoing condition known as joint ill that was raging through his immature and compromised system – more than told us this. For how long he had been deprived of his mumma’s love and milk, we do not know, but it was enough to cause him to lose his sucking reflex.

And, almost, his will to live.

His vulnerability giving way to confidence, as his poor health is slowly ceding to medications and love

At first, it was regular tube feeding of formula that was to sustain him, but now the little guy has a taste for the sweet milky stuff his new human friends have on offer. Drinking it enthusiastically as only he can from a syringe. The perfect marriage between each squirt and Berlin’s swallow speaks of the harmony and trust that has evolved since the wall of fear Berlin held for our kind came down.

Seeing the little guy fervently shuffle our way when we come into his viewing, an excited little leap being added more often now than then, more than warms our hearts as we know we are now warming his. His vulnerability giving way to confidence, as his poor health is slowly ceding to medications and love; there is no doubt now that Berlin is well on his way to becoming all that he was meant to be.

And when we come to see animals in this way, we stand on the brink of a new understanding. One that tells us that the animals of this world are not here for our exploitation, but they are fellow travellers on it. Each is on their own journey of discovery as they seek meaning and purpose, just like us.

Moreover, we see the walls between us and them come crumbling down, heralding in a kinder world for all.