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Miss T
Miss T
6 August 2021
Imperfect can be perfect
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Miss T’s story

Miss T

Updated September 8, 2021

Miss T – when imperfect is absolutely perfect. We named her Miss T, because misty is what became of our eyes when we first met this sprightly and stoic little lass.

When it came to congenital abnormalities, Misty T, we gut-wrenchingly saw, had more than her fair share beyond the tightly wrinkled skin of her Merino breed.

Our gaze was first drawn to her withered and malformed hind limb that swung precariously from her hip, the bone of which clearly didn’t get the memo that it was supposed to be attached. From here it was quickly claimed by the melon-like mass that hung heavily south of where its contents should have been. Those contents, her herniated stomach and intestines, were all swishing about where stomach and intestines never should – this, the result of a malformation of her abdominal wall.

Surrendered days earlier to our good friends at Victorian Lamb Rescue (please check them out, they do amazing work for little lambs and indeed all farmed animals), it was quickly evident that expertise beyond what their locale could provide was desperately needed if there was to be any chance at all for Miss T.

And then the call came, “Miss T is right to go home!”

If you heard a far-off distant thunder on Friday, apologies, that was us, as our collective joy was as clearly audible to your ears as it was our hearts.

Whilst the road to recovery is still not complete for Miss T, we are, and shall ever remain, so truly thankful to all who have taken part in Miss T finding sanctuary. From the kind heart who first saw her and baulked at looking the other way, to all those who refused to allow her imperfections to be a barrier to her care and their kindness.

Miss T, in simply being her delightful and self-accepting unique self, in spite of her imperfections, reminds us to do the same. She reminds us that we all have “imperfections”, some more visible than others. Moreover, that these imperfections should never define or confine us, for it is our response to them that matters most. To embrace them with courage, compassion and vulnerability. And to do so finding joy in the moment, because when we do, we are indeed enough – we are, just like Miss T, perfect to a T.