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5th May 2023
Surviving a predator attack
Living in the moment
Certified true likeness
Cincinatti’s story

Updated June 2, 2023

Feeling the potency of a predator attack was the soft, moist tongue of the newborn lamb we have named Cincinnati. Vulnerable as these tiny babies are, and yet as fiercely protective as their mothers are, newborn lambs face a lottery in life from the outset.

The odds are rarely good. Weak and poorly enforced animal protection laws and society’s blinkered view of animals see to that. Stacking them further against dear little Cincinnati is his congenital condition of parrot mouth: a condition that sees his lower jaw fall short of its mark.

This alone presents a survival challenge as the malalignment’s awkwardness hampers sucking. Add to this his lack of ability to envelope what was his tongue around his mother’s nipple and draw forth, with all the vigour of a hungry little lamb, her life-sustaining goodness.

But then the little fella found the potency of our kindness

And thus, he was made an orphan by this dire circumstance.

But then the little fella found the potency of our kindness.

And a suitably long teat.

Although not the tidiest of drinkers, the long-legged Cincinnati is amongst the cheeriest. Enthusiastically looking for a teat in the oddest of places – read the back of one’s knee or the point of one’s chin – and with a perpetual smile on his fuzzy face, this dear lamb is a potent reminder that in finding joy in the moment, despite any adversities that come your way, one can bring so much joy into the lives of others.

Thank you, dear Cincinnati, for your potent reminder.