Posted August 31 2023
I am not sure what called me to the field that day, but I am mighty glad it did. Accepting the invitation of its lush green softness, I settled myself down.

Tilting my head back, my face inhaled its winter warmth. And there I sat, suspended between the sky above and the earth below. And grounded I became.

There was no future claiming my thoughts and no past tugging at them. Only the now. And then Miss T. On her three triumphant legs, she had moseyed over.

Lead by curiosity and the sight of her friend. She read every inch of my face with her fuzzy whiskers. A puff of her breath up my nostrils sealed the connection, reminding me we all breathe the same air.

And feel the same sun.

And grounded we both were.

Holding this space with another, although different in form, created a euphoria like no other. A timeless beauty. A natural energy. A haunting moment where neither of us wanted for anything except for that time to never end.

It’s always there within us all, the natural connection we share with the animal world.

And although it did, perhaps too, it never does. It’s always there within us all, the natural connection we share with the animal world. The link, like gossamer threads of steel. So easily broken, yet so compellingly magnetic.

Something of which there is a desperate need for us all to get back to.

For, tethering us and them, is the earth on which we all tread (or fly or swim). Imbued with its electrical energy, it has power, so much power.

And so do we.

Yet when we use this power out of step with the natural connections we have with the earth and our fellow inhabitants, things begin to go awry.

For us. And for them.

Want proof?

Cast your eyes around you. Mother Earth is crying, and animals in their billions are dying. The time has come for us all to hit the reset button, get out there in nature or a field full of fortunate sheep, and feel the gravitational pull.

On your heart.

And when you do, you, too, will be grounded in love, kindness and connection.