A Field of Dreams

Posted September 08 2021
and our one precious life… His life, now made bright by the kindness of a stranger.

Today, as Baarack stands tall atop the grassy field of Edgar’s Mission, he too stands as a beacon of hope. His life, now made bright by the kindness of a stranger, is all he and we could have ever dreamt it to be. His body no longer is burdened by his overgrown fleece, his vision no more is blocked by wool and painful grass seeds, and his hunger and thirst no more are wanting.

For a ghost no more is he.

That Baarack has so seamlessly made the transition from his “Robinson Crusoe” way of life to that of an affable sheep so comfortable in our presence, and that of his new flock buddies, daily inspires us. But what strikes us most has been his ability to survive against the odds, making the best of every moment he had, regardless of the dire hand he had been dealt.

And in doing so he reminds us to make the most of what we have, although it might not be what we had dreamed it to be – it is indeed our one and only precious life. And, whilst we can complain and we can grumble, at the end of the day we are all grounded. Grounded in the knowledge that life is no dress rehearsal and, regardless of species, one precious life is all we ever have.

Perhaps too this is good pause for thought: with the lives of animals so precious to them, why are they not so to us? For that is the stuff their dreams are surely made of.