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Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka
22 December 2019
Feeling is believing!
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Willy Wonka’s story

Willa Wonka – he sees the world feelingly.

Updated January 15, 2020

With the odds stacked against him Willy Wonka still strives to live the sweetest life possible.

Presenting with a neurological condition and more, far worse than we had anticipated, was a dear, sweet little lamb, with the most innocent of faces. When it came to adversity, it seems Willy Wonka had drawn the shortest of straws. Vision impaired, angular deformity and slight brain damage are just some of his woes. In fact, the first 24 hours of our shared lives together saw our hopes rise and sink more times than a bottle cork adrift in an ocean storm – our hearts caught in its turbulence. But time marches on, and we determined that we would assist Willy Wonka to march as well. At first he would flop helplessly and hopelessly to his side, lying stiff limbed, eyes wide and staring out to a space he would never see and a place he would never go, a feeble bleat our only hope he was still with us. But with us he was, he really was. A gentle hand to his rear end reassured him the world was still here as we urged him to be a part of it. Initially we needed to physically lift his rear end to encourage him to stand, but this soon gave way to the gentle support offered by a loving hand or supporting leg, and now a kindly word is his guiding ally.


Science tells us that the brains of people born blind rewire to make new connections in the absence of visual cues; this results in enhanced abilities to see the world “feelingly”. Compensating for the lack of vision sees hearing, smell and touch rising to the occasion with a greater capacity to feel the world before them. Willy Wonka, as he stops short before a wall and turns, gravitates his ears towards sound or navigates his way towards our voice, pausing now and then to check he has the orientation right, shows that we humans are not alone in this capability.


Overcoming every disadvantage life has set before him appears to be Willy Wonka’s mantra

As he is now mastering his own destiny and the short walk to his yard. We honestly do not know what the future will be for this little man, or even how long it will be. But what we do know is this: life is not always what it should be, but that should never discourage us from being a part of it. Happiness and joy are there for the taking – we see Willy Wonka choosing these things each time he wags his sweet tail with all the gusto and feeling a little lamb can.