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21st July 2023
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Vermont’s story


Updated August 3, 2023

Born in the early hours of this frosty morn was a sweet little lamb whose future, from the get-go, was uncertain.

Her still intact “slippers” on her hooves, a natural protection Mother Nature designed to ensure her exiting her mother’s womb would cause no damage, told she had not walked nor fed.

We shall never know why she had ended up where she had, but thankful we shall always be for the human kindness that guided her to sanctuary. For devoid of her dear mumma’s love and care, she did not stand a chance.

And even with it, it could only keep her safe for so long.

With colostrum quickly thawed, it was not long before this vital liquid gold was ravenously downed by little Vermont. Swirling through her body, it would begin kick-starting her immune system with its life-enhancing essential goodness.

That someone refused to turn away when witnessing the plight of wee baby Vermont when they so easily could, and no one other than they, been the wiser, we are reminded that the birthplace of our humanity is not found in how we treat those we consider our equals, but how we treat the most vulnerable amongst us, those we can overpower in any number of ways, those least listened to – the animals.