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4th November 2023
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Broken Made Whole…

Updated December 7, 2023

Broken bones can heal, but hearts take a little longer.

So with the snapped bones in her right front leg aligned and splinted, little Venezuela’s once “swinging in the breeze” limb is on the mend. But what of her heart? Coming to terms with her new way of living and walking is this one tough little lamb. Orphaned by a circumstance we do not know, nor whether her broken leg predated or post-dated this, we do know Venezuela’s heart was heavy from the separation from her dear mumma.

Just like each orphan who comes into care, we know we can give them so much, but the one thing we cannot is the one thing they all so desperately crave – their mummas.

Yet whether broken bones or broken hearts, we have seen these heal and their owners’ lives made whole. Made whole by the very things that make ours so: love, kindness and a place to belong.

Welcome, little one, welcome.