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29th July 2023
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Valencia’s story

Valencia: a world without words

Updated August 3, 2023

Little Valencia came into our world late yesterday. One look at her huddled form, and no words were needed to convey she desperately needed care. A little waif of a being whose history was as obscure as her future would have been, had kindness not found her.

The thick build of dried, dark-green scours on the rear end of her emaciated body told us she had been fending for herself way before her time. Way, way before. Her innocent and confused stare into our eyes whispered she did not understand our soothing words, “You’re safe now, you’re at Edgar’s Mission”. But as her body melted into our arms when held, we instantly knew she understood our actions.

And it was not a surrender to fear that caused her to utter that little sigh, but one of relief.

For few words are more true than, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Animals are indeed astute listeners to our body language. If only so our kind could be to theirs. So often humans rush in, with all the very best of intentions, believing their lives need to be fixed, when truly what is needed is for them to be understood.

While that vulnerability has brought out the worst of our humanity, it too can bring about the best of it

To understand they are a prey species – and we, to them, a predator.

We do not wait to earn their trust but so often recklessly scare them into submission and think all is well. We are not the saviours of their world, as many tend to cavalierly think we are, but they most certainly are the saviours of ours.

And none more so than farmed animals.

For they sit as the most abused and exploited beings on this planet, and it is because of their vulnerability they have suffered. However, while that vulnerability has brought out the worst of our humanity, it too can bring about the best of it.

And while many patronisingly talk about creating a better world for animals, with politicians even debating this and companies spruiking “free-range”, “organic” and “humane”, such words will have no meaning to abate their injustice, suffering and death.

Only our kindness ever will.