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17th August 2022
Standing again
Certified true likeness
Turnup’s story

Now is the Time

Updated August 17, 2022

Turnup turned up in our lives recently. Although it would be fair to say that when we first met this little waif, we did not know how long her stay would be.

Unable to stand, pitifully weak and parasite riddled was she. So much so that the words, “Is she even alive?” fell from an onlooker’s lips. And although a less-than-assured, “Yes” was our guarded reply, it was enough to swing our team into action. Fluids, sustenance, warmth and critical care all followed. And of course, kindness in abundance. And from all this, dear Turnup took her lead. Growing stronger in form and also our hearts each day she stoically has.

After weeks of rehabilitation, when Turnup again found our eyes with an expression that said clear, “now is the time,” she proudly stood

“Oh my, how can anyone not be moved by her endearing little face?” are words we utter every single time our eyes meet little Turnup’s.

And then the day came, after weeks of rehabilitation, when Turnup again found our eyes with an expression that said clear, “Now is the time.” And she proudly stood.

Although wobbly at first, just like a newborn, which after all she actually was, for her life was anew, each step it seemed came fortified by all of our diligent efforts as Turnup took a self-guided tour of her stall. Exploring every nook and cranny as she did along the way, she too managed to find the time to stop for snacks, pats and all of our adulations. And she has not looked back.

Not once.

And in unspooling her past and the unkindnesses that humans have, both wittingly and unwittingly, visited upon her, we arrive at the irrevocable conclusion that now is the time for each and every one of us to determine on which side of history we shall stand.

Shall we be like Turnup and dig deep within ourselves and find our brilliant best, or shall we take the path of least resistance to shallow victories, material gains and no consideration for the consequences of our actions?

Shall we stand with those who choose to make a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate than themselves, or shall we stand with those who turn a blind eye to the suffering they are complicit in?

Shall we choose to take a risk, sometimes even a most courageous one, and put our hand up or use our voice when all around us stand quiet, or shall we go along with the unquestioning crowd, lest we rattle the status quo?

And we ask these questions now, for there is no better time to do so.

We give thanks to an adorable little sheep named Turnup for the inspiration for this post.