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29th January 2023
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Tiny’s story

The Tiny Tiger Within

Updated February 28, 2023

Within metres of the road the tiny bird fluttered and flipped. At first thought to be a grey pigeon clipped by a fast-moving car.

With the sickening feeling in our kind-heart’s stomach they raced towards the hapless animal. With each dread-infused step, they felt it would surely be the little bird’s last. But it was not. For she had the tiger within. And we have learned she is most certainly going to need this, for she has a crippling congenital deformity to her right leg.

Proving things are not always what they seem, it is more than likely she was not struck by a vehicle, but either was tossed or had fallen from one. For no injuries does she have and it is too bizarre to consider she could have found any other way to where she was.

She too is a little hen, and not luckless pigeon.

That dear Tiny, as she is now affectionately known, was in the wrong place at the right time causes us to ponder:

What if there is a grander force in our lives that brings people and animals into them at just the right moment?

Offering opportunities for they and us to learn and to grow, and to be better versions of ourselves?

Ever waited for the right pet or person to come along? And then they miraculously and serendipitously do! We are sure you will know what we mean.

With that in our mind and our hearts, we are working feverishly for our new fluffy friend to enable her to be all of everything she was ever meant to be. From time in her tiny chicken wheelchair, physiotherapy sessions on her withered limb, and a specially crafted bed to rest up in, we can already hear the roar of her doggedly determined heart.

And it is beating in sync with our own as our soul journeys combine.

And so with kindness and optimism now her compass, it is a 3D-crafted prosthetic that will truly make her life complete. That such innovations today can marry with compassion, when years ago it never could, speaks to an ever-evolving world and reminds us of just what is possible when we trust our inner knowing, finding the strength and our tiny tiger within.