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The New Kid
The New Kid
20th December 2023
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New Kid’s story

The New Kid, You Were Always Meant to Be

Updated January 20, 2024

Meet The New Kid, a teeny tiny goat, whose name matches his status.

He arrived into our care just yesterday after being plucked from an abattoir pen: the last surviving member of his family. That hope springs eternal from these darkest of places, reminds us all to shine our kindness wherever we can, for we never know just whom it will touch. And already The New Kid has touched the hearts of all he has met, and how could he not? For his sheer vulnerability reminds us of the power of our choices.

And the importance of choosing kindness.

Few are the hearts that are born cold and hard, for they are made that way. Either by social conditioning or terrible and tragic circumstance. Our role in this all is not to judge or condemn, but to be the shining example of all that can.

We know that daily our hearts can be shattered into a million broken pieces by all that is happening in this world

So we welcome The New Kid with wide open arms and even wider open hearts. We rejoice in the circumstance of him surviving against the odds, for these are the reminders to never surrender our hope. We make choices that do not contribute to the suffering of his kind and we gently encourage others to do likewise, as we live for the day slaughterhouses are no more.

We know that daily our hearts can be shattered into a million broken pieces by all that is happening in this world. Yet we know too that nothing grows in anger and hate, only in the fertile fields of our love and kindness. These are the gossamer threads that weave the broken pieces together again, making them stronger than ever before.

And so The New Kid is helping us do just that, as we nurture him back to good health and help him find his place in the world. And he is repaying the kindness, enabling us to find ours which amongst the many helpers and healers of this world.

So here’s to The New Kid! Welcome little buddy, welcome – you were always meant to be!