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The Incredible Honk
December 5th 2023
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The Incredible Honk!

Updated January 20, 2024

When it comes to the many tasks that befall us when an animal arrives into our care, one of the most daunting may surprise many. Finding the most appropriate name.

For a name is not just a name; no, not any name will do. It must be one that has meaning and purpose. One we bestow on our new animal friend that may hold a predictive promise, one that reflects their circumstance or nature, or one in honour of their finding safe passage to sanctuary.

And when a handsome white goose recently strode into our fold, we pondered just what name he should have. Although we did not have to ponder too long, for his incredible stature, coupled with his distinctive loud honk, laid it out perfectly for us, “The Incredible Honk.”

Geese are indeed as magnificent as they are underrated animals. Perhaps one of the most intuitive species we have encountered

If you ever have the good fortune to meet this proud lad, one earful of his utterings as he defiantly stands tall and flaps his huge wings will confirm we have chosen well!
Geese are indeed as magnificent as they are underrated animals. Perhaps one of the most intuitive species we have encountered. And whilst many are daunted by their antics, those in the know of the low-down on geese will attest there are few alive who can read the room like geese.

Enter their territory, and they will proudly thump on over, honking all the while as their wings get a workout that threatens to cause a hurricane. And whilst the timid may flee, the geese pay their respects to those they recognise who hold no fear of them, standing down and busying themselves in the other direction. But the interesting thing is that geese can detect when the timid are desperately trying to feign they are not. Carrying on their intimidating honking and flapping regardless!

But most of all, geese are incredibly loyal to their buddies and even their human family: ever heard of guard geese? Often forming lifelong bonds that can cause our species to weep over. Particularly so when a goose loses their partner, for the grief that becomes them is palpable.

It is for this reason we have been very keen to find a special someone for our new friend, and today marks that occasion, as The Incredible Honk heads to his new dam and family, where he can hold solace with a lone goose who has recently lost their friend.

That animals, including geese and all our feathered friends, can hold such bonds of attachment and love for one another is not such an incredible thing when one considers the continuity of emotions that flows through all species.

And when we all come to recognise this, well, that will truly be something to honk about.

Footnote to this story – the best way to help dear geese like The Incredible Honk is to never buy foie gras, goose meat, or garments and furnishings containing down feathers, and to always drive carefully in areas where free-roaming geese live.