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The ‘Friends’ Goats
Geller, Bobby, Gunther
Howard, Ross and Chandler
April 16th 2024
Life is better with friends!
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The Friends Goats Story

Life is better with friends. And goats!

Updated May 31, 2024

While many are familiar with the plight of male bobby calves from the dairy industry, the plight of male bobby kids from the goat milk industry has largely flown under the radar of compassion.

But facts are facts, and for any mammal to produce milk, a prerequisite is the birth of a baby. Although the female offspring are often reared to become the next generation of hapless production animals, the males have little economic value, despite their intrinsic worth.

And although farmers have an ethical responsibility towards buck kids, what whistle-blowers have heartbreakingly shown is that what happens behind farm gates is much preferred to stay behind farm gates.

However, some entrepreneurial farmers have seen a market for adorable kid goats as pets. Alas, what is often lacking in the exchange are the details of the care and commitment that goes with a cute baby, who will morph into a cheeky and agile goat with a lifespan of around 15 years. With fences often no challenge to them and rose bushes falling victim of them, the novelty often sadly wears off.

Just where Geller, Bobby, Gunther, Howard, Ross and cheeky Chandler fit in on this scale we do not know; what we do know is that they have clearly known human kindness, for friendly and curious they most certainly are. So what circumstance caused their abandonment, we shall never know; regardless of it, their future was grim.

Thankfully, though, they were seen as friends and not food, and a sanctuary life has now found them. Because we know that life is better with friends, especially when those friends are goats!