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Teja’s story

We Were Meant to Find You

Updated January 20, 2024

But we’re sorry it took us so long. Alone, frightened, feeble and incredibly sick, little Teja lay on the ground.

What was left of her emaciated body was wrapped in despair and a spiky burr-riddled fleece. Her mulesed [footnote 1] rear end was a putrid-smelling mass of writhing maggots and neglect. That such a procedure had been afforded this young animal, more than likely in the first weeks of her life, clearly states someone knew of her.

But where were they now?

Found on a property that housed no sheep, it may never be known how Teja arrived where she did. But perhaps this was the universe’s first step in connecting us. For, hours after her sighting, she found our hearts, as we began to connect with hers.

Finding animals in such a dire circumstance as hers almost causes us to lose our mind, it helps us find our greater one – our purpose

Empathy, care, kindness, networking and the goodness of the human heart have all melded together to help Teja.

And now Teja is beginning to help herself.

Albeit ever so slowly.

Although we struggle to come to terms with what she has endured – something no one ever should – we recognise that dwelling on the past cannot help her; only creating a kinder future will.

And although destiny may have guided us together, her disposition was to craft her name.

Teja, a sweet-sounding name, and one whose meaning is light, lustrous, power, brilliance, bright and radiant. A more fitting name for our new friend we could not find.

And although finding animals in such a dire circumstance as hers almost causes us to lose our mind, it helps us find our greater one – our purpose. For, sitting on the other side of the pain and heartache we experience when dealing with such cases lies our best self.

The one that embraces our true purpose.

To serve, to love and give whole-heartedly to make the world a happier, kinder place for all.

Animals truly do inspire the best within us.

Stroking Teja’s sweet burr-less head just now, these words struck us, words that appeared to come from nowhere, but words that can guide us everywhere – “Sometimes in life, sweet one, it appears we lose all that we ever had, but in doing so, we find all that we were ever meant to be. And the beings who help us become this. We’re just so sorry it took us so long to find you.”

We give thanks to Lamb Care Australia and Austin’s Haven, for your guidance of Teja to us. And to the human who inspired Teja’s name.


1    Mulesing is painful and legal procedure where flaps of skin are hacked from the breech area and tails of young lambs. The resulting wound, once healed, leaves a bare patch of scarred skin that is “allegedly” impervious to fly-strike. An interesting sidenote to this is that spell-check seeks to change the word mulesed to molested. Even spell check knows this practice is wrong.