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30th September 2023
For my Mama
Bouncing back
A kinder world
Certified true likeness
Tahiti’s story


Updated October 31, 2023

Nestled into the side of his bloated dead mumma, little Tahiti was found. For how long the little guy had mourned her passing, we do not know, but his scrawny form and baggy skin told he could not have stayed that way for too much longer.

Surrendered into our care, he instantly nestled into our hearts as he feverishly latched on to his bottle. And although it was not the exact same as his mother’s goodness, it was the closest we could get.

And Tahiti said it would do as his body began to plump, spring-infused became his steps, and a little lambie twinkle slipped into his eyes.

Each night now, he cries less for the mumma he will never see again as he nestles amongst his new-found friends and way of living.

And as he does so, he prompts us to consider a new way of living for our kind as well. For few amongst us could look into a stall full of snuggled-up orphans and not wish for a kinder world for all.

With ethical thought hand in hand with our enhanced understanding of the emotional world of animals, especially little lambs, comes a moral imperative to re-examine our relationship with them.

It’s an idea that should not only nestle in our thoughts, but everyday actions as well.

Welcome, little Tahiti, welcome!