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Steady Eddie
Steady Eddie
12 March 2016
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Eddie’s story

Steady Eddie!

Updated March 30, 2016

By the time the not-so-steady Eddie passed through our front gates, his condition was even more dire.

As if being separated from his mother was not bad enough for the tiny tri-coloured kid goat with the cheeky look in his eye, he had been dealt an even crueller blow. The “blow” left the wee lad with severe, debilitating and deteriorating mobility and balance issues.

With his rescuers stealing him from the clutches of a bitter night in open park lands that would have undoubtedly achieved its goal of death, Eddie’s road to recovery had only just begun. By the time the not-so-steady Eddie passed through our front gates, his condition was even more dire. He was only able to walk a few wonky steps before his hind legs gave out and Eddie would wobble to the ground. Racing to our medical chest and journals, we battled to get him through the night; with the tiny goat failing, it was a midnight dash to the vet to save him.

Ruling out condition after perplexing condition, it seems Steady Eddie is unable to synthesise thiamine in his already compromised little rumen. Thiamine is charged with assisting many of the body’s functions, including that of the nervous system and muscles. And so, his painful (for he and we) four times daily injections have begun. His blood-curdling screams spring forth in protest as the steely barbs pierce his delicate skin, we wince in response, wishing above all else we could take away his pain.

At the same time, we ponder just how abattoir workers can cope with such noises on a daily basis—unable to even placate their concerns with the knowledge they are acting in the animal’s best interests and that cuddles and good health will follow. Sadly, we reflect that this indeed causes their hearts to shut down—their only mechanism to survive in a sea of equally hopeless alternatives.

However, our persistence has been rewarded by Eddie’s tenacity. Hanging in there each day, he has gambolled into our hearts like no other and his happiness has become our shared goal. Whilst it is still too early for us to rejoice wholeheartedly, it is with guarded caution and the highest of hopes that we utter the words “steady as she goes, little mate”.