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11th January 2023
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Starman’s story

There’s a Starman

Updated February 2, 2023

There’s a Starman in our little brood of rescued Silkie roosters. And although we know he’d like to come and meet us, his little side-steps tell us perhaps that time is not just yet.

Strutting up to us almost teasingly, he quickly retreats. Scooting his featherweight body to the other side of the yard. He does this so swiftly; his little head misses the memo and getting left behind. The sudden halt then of those craggy five-toed feet of his sees it feverishly overtake him, only to recoil back to its rightful place. His zany tufted head feathers getting madly confused in the cacophony of it all.

They say you cannot miss what you never had. However, we do not believe this to be true.

We try but fail, to hide our wry smile, as we do not wish to mock him. But oh my, he’s so darn cute when he does this.

His curiosity gets the better of him, so he adds a dash of pint-sized Silkie bravado and cha-chas back into view.

And it is a glorious dance of his, one of hopes and dreams fulfilled.

For how long little Starman wondered whether such a sense of wanton abandon would ever be his, we’ll never know. However, it is something we can thank our lucky stars we will only ever have to imagine.

They say you cannot miss what you never had. However, we do not believe this to be true. For over and over we have seen animals who have never known soil, fresh air, sunlight, and even human kindness, take to them like they are the most natural things in the world to them.

Knowing exactly what to do.

It is now day 22 since the first Silkie rooster from Operation Mini was liberated from that hellhole of despair, and each and every one of them has presented these joyful birds with new and exciting possibilities. And we are not sure whether it is they or us who has had the greatest joy in their exploration of these.

The contrast of that once stinking, in every sense of the word, barren life, to the one that now rolls out each day for little Starman and his fellow silkie feathered wonders, really is the stuff epic novels are made of – their lives reclaimed as their liberty is now finally their own.

Salvation, redemption, hope, watermelon – this story has the lot. That what started out as a wild and crazy plan to rescue a 100 or so roosters has culminated in no one being left behind, proves that dreams really are possible if we have the power to believe in them.

And just as Starman, a vulnerable little being, fought for his life as he was lifted gently from his cage, he reminds us that there is a little Starman in us all because we all fight for what we love.

So love wildly, live curiously, and above all else, let the Silkies boogie…