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Ryan Gosling
7th January 2023
24th January 2023
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On a Wing and a Prayer

Updated February 2, 2023

Surviving on only a wing and a prayer was road accident victim, Ryan Gosling. However, due to his incapacitated state, made so by that wretched broken limb that hung clumsy by his side, it was only a matter of time until he did not.

Although rightly fearful of humans, and despite the fierce regard he held for his embattled body, he presented no challenge for his rescuers. Such too would have been the case for a less-well-intended wily old fox as Ryan muddled his way around that lake.

With dear Ryan Gosling tripping over his cumbersome broken wing, his capture was easy, but, alas, the repair of the wing would not be. X-rays revealed the full gravity of this break.

And it grounded us, as it had he.

For it was as brutal as it was old. Broken in two places and described as a “closed displaced fracture” of his left humerus, the challenge of repairing such pneumatic bones* is nigh impossible. All of which left the only alternative we could entertain, the removal of the offending wing.

Geese are indeed resilient, and ones who have new friends even more so!

And whilst we grappled with the idea of just how our new and grumpy friend would cope, we need not. For geese are indeed resilient, and ones who have new friends even more so!

On that latter score we give thanks to our dear resident and fellow road accident victim, Michaela Flattery (although she was first introduced to the world as Michael, an egg in her nest one day put paid to that), who took so readily to dear Ryan.

For a species so maligned and so often discarded like trash at public wetlands, many would be surprised to learn of the magical qualities of geese. They mate for life, for one. So let’s trust the one Michaela and Ryan now share will be long and joyous. They too are protective, courageous, and loyal to a fault way, way beyond their small stature. Possessed with long memories, they are animals who never forget, so be warned if you are the motorists for whom these hapless animals came off second best.

All of which should transport us, our thoughts and animal protection legislation to a place where animals such as geese live on something far more concrete than a wing and a prayer – our kindness.

*Birds have pneumatic bones. These hollow building blocks of their skeleton are vital for respiration and their light weight enables flight.