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Updated February 16, 2024

If you are considering bringing a companion animal of any species into your world, please read and pay attention to the following.

A companion animal is for life. Not a whimsical moment of your pleasure. Nor a servant to your needs, and most certainly not a means to your ends. And when things do not pan out as one may wish, they are not a library book to be passed on to another, for chances are that other has their hands and heart full of well thumbed “library books” that have already been passed on to them.

Granted, there are circumstances in one’s life when things come out of nowhere and dramatically change one’s circumstance. Things one could never have planned for, but chances are – given the number of hapless roosters who are either being dumped in inhospitable areas or surrendered to shelters, pounds and sanctuaries – the heartache, both animal and human, could be avoided if someone had paid more attention.

And, speaking of attention, just as we are pondering this dilemma, ours is caught by that of sweet little Rembrandt. A picture-perfect black and sadly once “unwanted” rooster recently surrendered into our care. Staring softly as he does, we search for just what has captured his attention.

And then it all is crystal clear: animals are our teachers, and our friends.

And then we find the answer. Or rather the myriad of them. The small pleasures in life. The sun’s rays dancing on that sparkly thing before him, the gentle breeze that caresses his feathers, that blade of grass that is telling a zillion captivating stories, the sway of the trees as they move in the rhythm of life.

Captivated by it all, we too sit for a moment and pay our attention to these small pleasures, for they are everywhere we look. Joyful, simple pleasures, that cost nothing and clear the clutter from our minds, causing us to focus on the present.

Something of which animals so perfectly do.

And then it all is crystal clear: animals are our teachers, and our friends.

And when we hock their lives for our ends, we diminish ours as well. Given the crisis so many of them are facing in human care today, this is surely something we, as individuals and a society, urgently need to focus our attention on.