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Purr & Fect
Purr & Fect
3 Jan 2024
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Purr & Fect’s story

Together we are Purr-fect!

Updated February 16, 2024

When the cheeky young goat we have named Purr broke his leg in a remote community, things were looking grim.

Far from veterinary assistance and someone who could ease his pain, he limped along for several days, and so too did the heart of his human.

But then the community rallied together, and a plan was laid to get Purr to our care. But he had a best friend in his twin brother, Fect, from whose side he rarely strayed. Separating the two was not then an option.

And so together they made the long trek south and to sanctuary.

Now, with a bright pink-coloured splint, Purr’s leg has the best chance to heal

And although the weather they encountered along the way was most inhospitable, the reception they received was certainly not. With pain relief quickly administered and so too a splint for the broken limb, we set to work to put dear Purr’s life together again.

And now, with a bright pink-coloured splint, Purr’s leg has the best chance to heal, and so too the heart of his human, whose love for him and his brother was clear. Alas, as they acknowledged, their ability to care for these two endearing yet equally mischievous goats was beyond their means.

Such a sacrifice in surrender is admirable indeed and a timely reminder to us all that sometimes we need to put aside our immediate emotions when circumstances in life are not perfect, and recognise that, when we come together with others for a common goal, we can make them so.

Because together we are perfect!