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Perky, Peeky & Penny
Perky, Peeky & Penny
26th August 2022
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Perky, Peeky, Penny’s story

Meet the Gang

Updated August 26, 2022

Question: What is cuter than a kid goat in a coat? Answer: Three kid goats in coats!!!!

And that is exactly what we have found in Perky, Peeky and Penny. A set of adorable little triplets who hopped, skipped and jumped into our hearts recently. And whilst we are over the moon to be sharing our world with them, our hearts too carry the sadness for the passing of their dear mumma. As surely as do the hearts of this spritely trio.

Whilst at first unsure of their new surroundings and circumstance, Perky, Peeky and Penny have quickly come out of their shell and helped us with their naming. Perky, the smallest little bub with a white splotch on her wee head, is just that, oh so Perky. And little Peeky. Well, she likes to stand just shy of her sister Perky, and peek around her. And then we come to Penny – the thinker of the group. The one whose pensive thoughts we try to decipher, but never really do, which leaves us asking her, “Penny for your thoughts, little lovely?”

Bonded by birth and bounded by a world where everything is your personal jungle gym are Perky, Peeky and Penny as we see before us today. And despite their small stature, their message is simple: never underestimate your worth in this world when you can brighten that of another.

And how best does this diminutive clan do just that? By wearing their colourful coats, no less!