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Paris and Nicky
Paris and Nicky Hilton
9th February 2023
21st February 2023
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Paris & Nicky’s story

All that Glitters is Indeed Golden!

Updated February 28, 2023

With no need for a Coco Chanel creation or Gucci accessory, our Paris and Nicky Hilton are glamorous girls. However, their circumstance of needing sanctuary was not.

Hatched at a research facility, kindness was their “get out of gaol” card that swept them and their buddy away to a loving home. Alas, a not-so-loving predator was to claim the life of the third sweet turkey. And, too, the confidence of the human charged with their care.

Arriving at sanctuary, still shaking off the last remnants of their ordeal, dear Paris and Nicky nestled down in a bed of golden straw within our barn.

And quickly found the catwalk to a golden place in our hearts.

Turkeys such as Paris and Nicky, are, we can attest, beautiful beyond feather deep.

They are imbued with their own sweet personalities and charm. Whilst our affections for them are driven by emotion, modern science and popular thought are only just beginning to break the ice on the rich emotional world of this much-maligned species.

And although not suffering the crippling genetics that make miserable the lives of their factory-farmed cousins, they too are outliers to the mercy of many, and our wanting animal protection legislation.

However, that can all change when one comes to the realisation that we cannot hold a reverence for life whilst excluding all its glorious and glittering, furred, fleeced, finned and feathered forms.

For their lives, too, are truly golden indeed.