Edgar’s Mission Passport
13th November 2023
Going on adventures
Sneaking into the lady in the hat’s cabin
Venezuela & Manila
Certified true likeness
Nepal’s story


Updated December 7, 2023

Blending tragedy with hope comes Nepal, a sweet little Merino lamb, born one of triplets, who sadly became separated from his family.

Under the harsh sun he began to suffer as his body started to dehydrate, and his mind became confused. But delivering just the hope he needed was the goodness of the human heart that found him. Arriving at sanctuary, his little body was scrawny and thin, his eyes sunken and his will weak. However, all that started to change as kindness blended into his being, and he blended into his new way of living with his buddies: the strong and determined Venezuela and the spunky little Manila.

All of which worked a treat, as now, before us today, is a plumped-up and merrier version of Nepal, cheeky to boot, and with a keen sense for exploration. 

Together, this eclectic trio manage to bring up all the feels within us.

They make us laugh with their mischievous ways, especially their uncanny ability to sneak into the Lady in the Hat’s cabin when she is not looking; they cause our maternal instincts to come to the fore as we cradle them gently in our arms and they fall to sleep, just like human babies; they evoke a sense of sadness within us when we think of all the not-so-fortunate little ones; they remind us that the meek should command our mercy and we not be their menace; they nudge the best within us to come to the fore as we seek to protect them from harm; and they cause us to ponder our old ways of living, that caused untold harm to their kind.

And when we blend all these thoughts together, we arrive at the irrevocable conclusion that lambs, like Nepal, are for lovin, not the oven.